Constant Contact boosts social marketing for small business

Online marketing services provider Constant Contact is adding a new service to help improve the results of small business marketing campaigns on Facebook and other social media.

In a new effort to help small businesses get more from their social media marketing efforts, Constant Contact is introducing a new service called Social Campaigns which aims to “get measurable results with social media marketing,” according to a statement released by the company today.

The Massachusetts-based company claims its new software “allows small businesses and nonprofits to quickly and easily run results-oriented social media marketing campaigns” to justify and capitalize on their ongoing investments in social media marketing.

The service works by allowing users to create their own landing pages on Facebook where they can provide special offers which can then be promoted to Facebook fans, Twitter followers and LinkedIn Connections.

Most importantly, however, is the ability of Social Campaigns to measure and report the results of those social media marketing efforts through a wide variety of metrics designed to help small businesses improve their marketing even further.

The service also integrates with existing Constant Contact services such as email marketing and clearly highlights what Constant Contact general manager Mark Schmulen describes as a “fundamental shift in how small businesses reach customers and prospects.”

Social Campaigns will be available in early 2012.

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