Contactive releases its caller ID app for Amazon Fire phone

Have you ever wanted to know more information about a caller before you answer a call? New York-based Contactive wants users to see the most complete profile for everyone you interact with on your mobile device.

Start up Contactive aims to humanize the calling experience by replacing phone numbers with meaningful pieces of our lives — the kind of magic we dreamt about in the 1990s.

Image: Contactive

Contactive is an Android call management app that enhances the address book and caller ID functionalities of your mobile phone by adding social information to the caller.

It is now available to Amazon Fire Phone users from the Amazon App store.

It gathers information from a growing list of sources that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yelp, Google Places, White/Yellow Pages, and its own global directory.

The app makes universal caller ID available to Amazon Fire Phone users and enhances the Fire Phone's intelligent functionality.

Users can see the full profiles of whoever is calling them — even if the number is not in their address book.

Contactive provides real-time intelligence on all incoming callers (e.g., their social media profiles, updates and Yelp reviews) as their phone rings.

The app provides details on over 600 million callers who aren’t in your phone book.

Contactive releases its caller ID app for Amazon Fire phone ZDNet
Image: Contactive

Users can see essential details such as a photo, name, email address, latest tweet, current city, and job associated with every phone number they get.

By automating the process of searching for phone numbers and names, scanning public directories, and sifting through multiple social network updates, you can get all the information you need about a caller, as the call is coming in.

The Fire Phone’s Firefly capabilities allow users to identify thousands of movies, URLs, household products and more.

The UI has been designed to integrate with your home screen. You will be able to scroll through widgets that provide you with Contactive updates without ever needing to navigate into the app.

You can connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and whenever someone calls who has a publicly available profile, you will see their info.

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This can be something simple like their picture or email address but you can also see their latest social updates.

Birthday notifications are extracted from Facebook. In addition to receiving updates, you can send messages to your contacts via SMS, email or Facebook.

You will also be able to see Yelp information for any incoming call from a Yelp business.

The company has several spammer lists that it has acquired, but it also marks spam calls when flagged by users.

Once a number is considered spam, all users can see this when they call. This feature is similar to the TrueCaller app that also uses crowdsourced flags to identify spammers.

This app brings us one step closer to knowing everything we need to know about a person before we answer a call. It also gives you a rather good reason not to submit your cell phone number to Google and Facebook’s ever growing data store.

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