Control your phone, tablet with your eyes

Soon you'll be able to navigate your phone or tablet using only your eyes.

A Danish company has developed software that lets you navigate your smartphone or tablet using only your eyes.

Using infrared light that reflects from your pupil, The Eye Tribe can be used for basic scrolling and clicking functions. It can also be used to turn a page of an e-book or to play games. Check out the video below:

The year-old company is hoping to ink deals with major cell phone and tablet producers, AFP reports:

Alstrup Johansen said Eye Tribe aims to get their software integrated in the hardware of big tablet producers, so consumers can buy a tablet with the software and then download apps that run with the eye control technology.

The Eye Tribe aims to earn money from licensing fees from companies producing the hardware or platforms, such as Apple, Samsung, Google or Microsoft.

These deals will allow the company to release the technology for free so that software developers can develop new apps for eye-controlled devices.


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