Convergence is king at 3GSM

3GSM: The mobile industry has shown it is committed to moving towards an IP environment where convergence is a reality

Convergence has been one of the hottest buzzwords in the mobile industry for several years. This week, the 3GSM World Congress saw compelling evidence that once-rival technologies can work together, and that the world is moving fast towards an all-IP environment.

CSR is making good progress towards merging Bluetooth and Wi-Fi onto a single chip, but it's Nokia's decision to add Wi-Fi to its 6136 phone is a stronger indication that the landscape is changing.

Most exciting of all is the multi-operator alliance for instant messaging services. IM will force the industry to embrace convergence, and will also make it face up to issues such as open standards.

And if you've not got a 3G phone, the good news is that they should get a lot cheaper this year. And a lot faster by 2009, if T-Mobile is correct.

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