Conversation with Desktone's Dave Grant

Easy to use, easy to manage cloud-based virtual desktops are Desktone's forte.

Desktone LogoDave Grant, Desktone's VP of Marketing, brought me up to date on what his company is doing now. I haven't spoken with someone from the company for quite a number of years. Desktone is a very early pioneer in the area of offering complete Windows desktop environments as a cloud service. I even had the opportunity to use a Desktone virtual desktop for a short while to experience it for myself. Over the years, the company has partnered with companies such as VMware, HP, NetApp and others.

The key for me was the simplicity and ease of use offered by Desktone.  It took only a few minutes to sign up for the demo and then I was accessing a remote Windows desktop without having to concern myself with software installation, PC management or anything of the sort. I was simply able to start working. Although I didn't have the time (or necessary data) to do a complete cost of ownership analysis of the Desktone offering, there are many hints that this approach might be far less costly than other approaches to virtual desktops due to the sharp reduction in the staff-related functions of installation, updates, operations and administration.

Staff and customers are ever more mobile. Desktone makes it possible to access a virtual desktop from many different types of devices from just about anywhere the Internet reaches. It is easy to imagine a small to medium size company outfitting its mobile sales and service force with handheld devices that access applications and data on Desktone supported virtual desktop systems.

The secret sauce appears to be Desktones clever management software that makes it possible for multiple tenants to share the same computing resources without ever knowing that others are using the same physical systems.

Since Desktone is making a demo available at no charge and the demo is very easy to use, it would be worth taking the time to try it out.  I had no trouble accessing the Desktone virtual desktop from the devices in use here at Kusnetzky Group.