Converstation with ScienceLogic's Antonio Piraino

ScienceLogic's Antonio Piraino spent some time introducing the company, its products and the philosophy behind those products.

Antonio Piraino, CIO of ScienceLogic and former colleague at the 451 Group, stopped by and we had a chance to catch up on what has happened since we worked together, tell bad jokes and send some time bringing me up to date on the philosophy behind ScienceLogic's products and services. It is clear that ScienceLogic is doing its best to simplify the process of managing data centers and cloud computing for its customers.

Who is ScienceLogic?

ScienceLogic was founded in 2003 by a group of IT professionals who had managed data center operations for large telecommunications companies and managed services/hosting/collocation service providers (what we would now call Cloud service providers. They thought there simply had to a better, simpler, more intuitive way to monitor and manage operations. If Antonio is any guide to the rest of the executive team, they also seem focused on being easy to deal with and friendly.

Summary of conversation

  • ScienceLogic's products are based upon the philosophy that there must be a better way to manage IT infrastructure, regardless of whether it is in a customer's own data center or in a service provider's data center.
  • The goal is to modernize and automate management and monitoring tools
  • Tools must be easily extensible and adaptable to the customer's environment — no "rip and replace" required
  • ScienceLogic's products are in use by a growing number of companies that found the rigid management frameworks from suppliers, such as BMC, CA, IBM, and HP, too difficult to use in their rapidly transforming data center
  • Many customers came environments that relied upon open source management tools. They had decided that they no longer had time or energy to deal with what Antonio called "computer science and development projects."
  • ScienceLogic's customers really like the multi tenant design of the products. This allows different people to be shown views of only their own resources and systems even though the data center has far more going.

I look forward to seeing a demonstration of ScienceLogic's products in the near future. I'm also going to speak with a customer or two to hear their side of the story.