Cool gadgets to beat the heat wave: At home [Updated]

Extreme heat calls for extreme cooling measures. Find out how you can beat the heat wave with these three gadgets for your home.

Here we go again: it seems there is another heat wave coming our way, though without the record-melting temperatures of last week, according to the latest National Weather Service forecast.

Besides blasting our air conditioners (which stress our power grid) and buying over-priced spray bottle fans to cool ourselves, what other innovative ways can we stay cool this summer? Read on to find out how three devices can make you cool at home.

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  1. Dyson Air Multiplier Fan With its modern aesthetics and sky-high price tag for an electrical fan, the Dyson Air Multiplier simply commands attention and respect. Rather than spin blades to move the air around us, the Dyson design pushes air through a tiny crack along the edge of the fan, to create its own steady and powerful blast of cool air. Don't believe that a fan could be blade-less? Check out this video of Dyson engineers moving a balloon through an obstacle course of Air Multipliers. These fans are already widely available from national retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond and Best Buy. The 10" Table Fan starts at $299.99, while both the Tower and Pedestal Fans can be had for $449.99 each. [Watch a demo by Sir James Dyson] [More]
  2. Brookstone Bed Fan
    Have a mattress that traps too much heat for you to sleep comfortably, especially when the temperature is already excessively high? Perhaps a consistent stream of cool air between the sheets will help you rest at night. Suburbia's favorite gadget store Brookstone has a Bed Fan that can draw 100 cubic feet of air every minute to direct at your bed. Its height is adjustable so you can aim it precisely at your bed, and comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the temperature from your bed. Available in Brookstone stores and online for $79.95. [More]
  3. ecobee Remote Control Thermostat with iPhone and Android app
    Say goodbye to coming home to an oven after a long day at work, as the Wi-Fi enabled ecobee thermostat offers full remote control of your home's heating and cooling systems -- through a website as well as an app for both iOS and Android devices. That way, you can pre-set a comfortable temperature for your home on your iPhone before you even reach your front door, and not have to keep the cooling system running all day even when no one is home. [Updated August 3] The ecobee thermostat is available exclusively through local ecobee contractors, but can also be found online from e-retailers like for approximately $395.00. [More]

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[Source: CTPost, Press of Atlantic City]