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Cool iPhone and iPad hack for Zoom users

Sharing your screen via Zoom on iOS and iPadOS is possible, but the setup is long-winded.

It seems like everyone is Zooming these days, and one of the reasons for that is that Zoom is very easy to set up and use, and it works on a variety of platforms.

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But some features on some platforms are more complicated and convoluted to set up than others. And one of those is screen sharing on iOS.

Here's how to enable this Zoom feature in iOS.

First, you need to add the screen recording feature to the Control Center, and this is best to do before you're in the middle of a meeting.

To do this, head over to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Find Screen Recording and tap + next to it.

OK, with that setup, you're ready to share your screen.

To share your screen from within a Zoom meeting, kick off the process by clicking on Share Screen and choosing Screen. If this is the first time you've tried this, Zoom will give you instructions on how to add Screen Recording to Control Center, which you can now skip.

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What you need to do is access Control Center. How you do this depends on the iOS version you are running. For iOS 11 you swipe up from the bottom, while for iOS 12 and above, you swipe down from the top-right.

With Control Center up, press-and-hold on the Screen Recorder icon, and a pop-up will appear and offer Zoom as an option. Select Zoom, and tap Start Broadcast.

You'll have a 3-2-1 countdown to get rid of anything private off your screen or to cancel the broadcast, after which your screen is live.

You can also choose to share the device audio by clicking Share Device Audio.

To end the broadcast, click Stop Share followed by Stop.

Here's to spending more of our lives in Zoom meetings.