Coolest CES 2011 announcement so far - AR.Drone 2.0

A cool toy becomes even cooler!

I gotta be honest with you, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) doesn't jazz me that much. It's not because I don't like cool stuff (I do) but it's because a lot fo the cool stuff shown off there has a vaporware feel to it. I'm waiting for this stuff to appear on the shelves.

Except for this ...

This is cool. This is AR.Drone 2.0, a revamped version of the ultra-cool AR. Drone wireless personal UAV that you can control from your iOS device. I own an AR.Drone and let me tell you that it's a lot of fun, but the revamped AR.Drone 2.0 brings with it a whole raft of new and exciting features.

For starters, the new Drone features a 720p front-facing camera so that you can capture your flights in HD. There's also a whole raft of new sensors, including an on-board magnetometer so that it can always tell where the pilot is in relation to its flightpath, and a new air pressure sensor that allows it to be more stable when hovering.

AR.Drone 2.0 is currently expected to be released Q2 2012, with a retail price of $299.

I can't wait!

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