COOPY aims to simplify your life with one-click buttons

COOPY is a small, hand-held tool which provides users with a solution to complete multiple functions simply by clicking a button.

Cleveland, OH based Pentasens Inc. has created COOPY which aims to simplify your life with its hand held Bluetooth device.

COOPY aims to simplify your life with one-click buttons ZDNet

Clicking one of the three buttons included on the device, the COOPY application completes designated functions which are set by the user. You can program it to take hands free selfies, record and post a video, or call your own phone to get you out of awkward situations

This could include: sending predefined texts when you are driving, alerting someone of your geographic location in the case of an emergency, alerting your connections that something is wrong with a triggered alarm, locating objects and turning on home or office appliances.

COOPY aims to simplify your life with one-click buttons ZDNet

The company reckons that COOPY is perfect for any type of user: business professionals, athletes, parents, or children.

The device is time and location aware, so functions automatically change based on where you are and when.

One of the buttons is distinctive enough to be used as an emergency or panic button.

You can share your location or notify your contacts where you are. the COOPY app calls its own web service to send a pre defined text message to your chosen number.

Its Kickstarter campaign shows that the company aims to integrate COOPY with IFTTT to enable you to bring multiple options to home automation.

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Pentasens Chief Executive Officer, Nevio Prosen said: "With the ever-growing demands of our day-to-day schedules and the potential danger of multi-tasking at inopportune times, our company wanted to create COOPY that allows you to be as productive as possible without jeopardizing your safety or the safety of those around you".

When launched the app will be available for iOS and Android.

Will COOPY succeed? For everyone that wants to respond to a text whilst driving and does not have voice assistance on their phone, it could be really useful. If you like gadgets that are programmable, and you are familiar with creating recipes in IFTTT then you will like its programmability.

If you like Bluetooth gadgets, then this could be yet another one to add to your armoury. And if you want to locate your other gadgets, then this device could be programmed to help you when you lose an item.

But if you feel that this is yet another gadget to help you find, locate things and simplify your life, then, well you probably have enough other gadgets similar in function to this already.

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