CoPilot Live iOS and Android apps updated to help navigate London 2012 Olympics

Updated versions of CoPilot Live will help you navigate around the Olympic Route Network and get you to your desired Olympics sport venue.

CoPilot Live iOS and Android apps updated to help navigate London 2012 Olympics

As a long time athlete and sports fan, I am very excited for the start of the 2012 Olympics and yesterday posted about ways you can follow all the action from your mobile device . If you are lucky enough to actually be in the UK for the Olympics then you may also be interested in ways to get around London during this busy time. The folks at ALK Technologies informed me that European and UK versions of CoPilot Live have added new features to help you out.

Officials have setup the Olympic Route Network (ORN) to aid athletes and others associated with the Olympics. The ORN uses VIP lanes and road closures to minimize travel delays for Olympians, but this cause disruption to other folks. The updated Android and iOS versions of CoPilot Live will inform you if your route is part of the ORN and will use real-time traffic flow to help you navigate efficiently.

If you are traveling by foot or Tube then you will see there is a new added category in CoPilot Live for Olympic game venue locations. Maps can be download directly to your smartphone so you won't need to pay high data roaming fees or rent a GPS device while visiting London. The CoPilot Live Premium UK version is priced at a one time cost of $26.99, but that includes lifetime navigation and is not a subscription price.

Speaking of using public transportation in London for the Olympics, I recommend you check out this handy site that lets you check mass transit status at various time and days throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games in August and September.