Corel Ventura 7 gets major facelift

Desktop publishing package Ventura 7 is Corel's latest in a long line of software releases.

Ventura 7 (£700 + VAT; upgrade £200 + VAT) runs on Windows 95 and NT, and allows users to publish to the Web, to print, CD-ROM and as portable electronic Envoy files. It has a customisable interface, uses Java and Corel Barista technology to create Wysiwyg Web pages, and will keep hyperlinks and formatting consistent in documents, regardless of how they are published. New features include QuarkXPress-like master pages, grids and guidelines, and spreadsheet features.

Ventura 7 uses the Ventura Navigator, a new document management tool, which gives the user a Windows Explorer-type view of the documents being used. The package also contains over 80 new templates, libraries of HTML buttons, and HTML page examples which include sound and pictures.

Channel Market Makers, Corel's distributor, can be contacted by telephone on 01703-814142.