CoreOS and Mirantis link up to put Kubernetes distro Tectonic onto OpenStack

​Following Google's recent release of container management software Kubernetes 1.0, CoreOS says its Tectonic commercial version now runs on Mirantis OpenStack.

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Just two weeks after going to beta, Kubernetes commercial platform Tectonic has now been integrated with the Mirantis OpenStack distribution in a move designed to improve container management on the open-source cloud platform.

Lightweight Linux distribution company CoreOS, the firm behind Tectonic, has worked with OpenStack software and services company Mirantis on the integration, which they say will help developers and operations staff create software more rapidly and with improved quality.

"Putting Kubernetes on top of OpenStack gives [DevOps teams] flexibility in how they build their applications, letting them innovate quickly," Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski said in a statement.

OpenStack is an open-source project started in 2010 by Rackspace and NASA to create components for building public and private clouds on standard hardware.

It is now backed by more than 200 vendors, including Cisco, Dell, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Red Hat, and VMware, with a large developer community working on a range of loosely-coupled projects. Mirantis is one of OpenStack's founding members.

Also late last month, search-to-cloud giant Google, which developed Kubernetes, announced that version 1.0 of the open-source container deployment and management tool is ready for general use in production environments.

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CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi said Mirantis' commitment to the open-source ecosystem around OpenStack made working with the company a natural step in integrating its Kubernetes distribution on OpenStack.

"Now that Kubernetes is production-ready, companies using Tectonic and Mirantis OpenStack can have a Google-like infrastructure at their fingertips," Polvi said in a statement.

Tectonic, which runs on premise or in public clouds, is an integrated package that combines Kubernetes with CoreOS software.

Included in the package is a management console for workflows and dashboards, an integrated registry to build and share Linux containers, and additional tools to automate deployment and customise rolling updates.

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