Cornerstone launches Insights analytics tools

HR recruiting and training company Cornerstone OnDemand announced its Insights analytics applications focused on compliance and succession planning.


Cornerstone OnDemand on Thursday rolled out an analytics service called Insights that's designed to enable better recruiting and training for human resources departments.

The company's Insights applications, unveiled at Cornerstone's Convergence EMEA conference, revolve around applying machine learning and big data analytics to make recommendations to customers. Cornerstone's machine learning is based on talent data from 2,000 customers over 15 years.

Cornerstone's first installment of Insights applications revolves around compliance controls and guides. The initial focus on compliance was targeted at regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare. Cornerstone also added a succession planning Insights application to find internal candidates for job openings.

Here are the specific applications for Cornerstone's Insights:

  • Compliance Control aims to predict the risks from employees who aren't finishing a course or educational requirement by a deadline.
  • Compliance Guide recommends policy recommendations and changes so companies can conform to various regulations.
  • Predictive Succession uses analytics to find internal candidates for job openings. The effort revolves around retaining strong performers and assessing skills available within a company.