Corning's antimicrobial Gorilla Glass: A must have for kiosks

Corning's latest iteration of Gorilla Glass has antibacterial agents built in and should be coming to kiosks and other germ friendly touchscreens in the near future.

gorilla glass anti germ


Corning showed off its first antimicrobial Gorilla Glass and probably became must have touchscreen cover for hotel and airport kiosks everywhere.

At the Consumer Electronics Show Monday, Corning touted its latest Gorilla Glass. The glass has ionic silver as antibacterial agent and controls levels to kill germs and keep Gorilla Glass functioning.

Corning said in a statement:

As touch technologies proliferate, consumers are becoming aware of how bacteria can exist on mobile devices, particularly as we increasingly share touch-enabled surfaces at home, work, and elsewhere.

Gee ya think? Anyone that has used a hotel kiosk or baggage claim terminal should be freaked out by the germs. Gorilla Glass to date has been used primarily on smartphones and tablets, but this germ-killing feature is going to open up a big market for Corning.

In other words, Gorilla Glass can really go big screen now beyond TVs. Corning said Steelcase is testing out the new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, but other companies will follow. No company that depends on kiosks and lobby touch screens will want to be known as germ brokers.

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