Correction - Classmate pricing

The price was wrong, but the conclusion remains the same - evaluate the needs of your students and buy accordingly.

Just a minor correction to my Edu netbook shootout:

The Intel Classmate, listed at $678 as tested should have been listed at $599. The $678 price reflected a configuration with 2GB of RAM (a $79 option at CTL Computers).

Although I apologize for any confusion, the real question is, does this change the value proposition or any of my evaluations? The answer is no. Although it can be had for a lower cost of entry, it should really be configured with 2GB of RAM. Any computer with an Atom processor should be, for that matter. Doubling the RAM can go a long ways towards compensating for low-end processors in any application. The Classmate, though not the cheapest netbook of the bunch, stands alone in terms of the unique hardware and software stack it offers in this space. Selecting between deployments of the Dell or Classmate, as always, comes down to evaluating the needs of students.