CoShopper shopping for LetsBuyIt customers

Norwegian e-commerce site could buy LetsBuyIt's user base or other assets

Beleaguered dot-com firm LetsBuyIt is in talks with Norwegian Internet retailer CoShopper about a possible acquisition of some of the former's assets including customers or underlying technology, CoShopper said this weekend.

CoShopper said it was considering buying some of Germany-based LetsBuyIt's international customer base, but ruled out acquiring the company itself because of its debts and other liabilities.

LetsBuyIt officially has 1 million members, but CoShopper estimated an active customer base of 100,000, and said each could be worth a maximum of $50 (about £34). CoShopper says it has 250,000 members.

LetsBuyIt, which lets users group their buying power to bring prices down, has gone under administration for protection from debts. Its management team quit earlier this month and it is said to be in talks with a number of e-commerce firms including rival Dealpartners.

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