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Cost-saving MeetingMogul conference call app goes to the enterprise

The software removes a key pain-point -- you don't have to remember any call-in numbers -- while also smartly using VoIP and numbers local to your employees automatically.

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Businesses paying high-fees for mobile employees to have conference calls have a new option available and it might save the company some money: MeetingMogul launched its intelligent conference calling app for enterprises on Wednesday.

The company first announced its intent to better serve businesses last month, because it says "managing conference calls has become a full time job" for some.

How exactly does the iOS and Android app mitigate that?

MeetingMogul is a one-touch service so call participants don't have remember various call-in numbers or PINs. The app also lets those who are running late for a call to easily alert others while also receive a post-meeting recap for later browsing.

Aside from removing that pain-point, MeetingMogul could save money.

The software uses location information of all call participants to find the lowest, local call-in number for each person, which can greatly reduce or eliminate conference call costs, the company says.

That's particularly helpful for employees in other countries where the app's automated low-cost VoIP service can be used. The beauty of it is that call participants don't have to find the cheapest method to join in and participate; the app smartly does so automatically to reduce roaming and other charges.

CFO's can even see any cost savings through the MeetingMogul for Enterprise dashboard reports, which provide data on usage patterns and call analytics.


And from a security standpoint, all of the call data - including location, calendar and contact integrations, and passcodes is all stored locally on a device: You are requiring that employees use mobile phones that encrypt their data locally, right?

The newest version of MeetingMogul is available on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. Interested companies can also request a free demo to see if the service is a good fit for their business.