Coursera pushes online education in China

The massive open online course site forms partnership with China's, social media site Guokr, and online translator community Yeeyan, to extend its online courses to the Chinese market.

Online education services provider Coursera has partnered China's to offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) in the Chinese market. 

Itself a MOOC site established by two computer science professors from Standford University, Coursera hopes the partnership will provide Chinese consumers better access to its content on one of China's most popular MOOC sites,, which also hosts videos from TED and Khan Academy, reported Ctocio.

On the Coursera Zone China learning portal, students can access Chinese syllabus, feedback from their peers, Q&A sections, and discussion forums. The site also roped in Chinese social media website, Guokr, and online translator community Yeeyan, to translate Coursera's online courses or add Chinese scripts for the courses.

In addition, Coursera is working with top Chinese-speaking universities such as Peking University and National Taiwan University to expand the Chinese course categories.

"Our core mission is to give quality educational resources to all, no matter where you are and what language you speak," said Andrew Ng, co-founder and co-CEO of Coursera.

NetEase, an internet services provider, also has been exploring the MOOC field and hopes to work with Coursera to provide more online courses, said Ding Lei, the founder and CEO of NetEase.