CoyotePoint EQ/OS 10 a new foundation

Coyote Point decided that their application delivery servers needed a better foundation to improve connectivity, security, management tools, acceleration and availability. Future products will be based upon EQ/OS 10.

CoyotePoint LogoIt has been quite some time since I had the chance to speak with CoyotePoint about what they're doing. They reached out to me to talk about the development of EQ/OS 10, an entirely new software foundation for their line of application delivery systems. The goal was to build a software platform that would allow the company to deliver better products at a lower cost.

For over 12 years, CoyotePoint has been a player in the markets for layer 4 through 7 load balancing; secure socket layer (SSL) acceleration and web compression; and other tools to help organizations deploy high performance, highly available applications based upon clusters of systems. The company's product have earned a number of awards and are in use all over the world.

As CoyotePoint was considering the requirements to extend the capabilities of their product line, it became clear to them using a different purpose-built embedded operating systems for each product was creating an unsustainable level of complexity. Product support and enhancement was simply too difficult and time consuming. So, the company decided to step back, consider what functions and capabilities were needed today and for the foreseeable future and then build a unified embedded operating system platform.

CoyotePoint's newest products are based upon the new platform. The following products are based upon the new EQ/OS 10:

  • Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Appliances
    • Equalizer E650GX
    • Equalizer E450GX
    • Equalizer E350GX
    • Equalizer E250GX

  • Optimized Virtualized Application Delivery (VLB)
    • Equalizer VLB™ Advanced

  • Equalizer Virtual Application Delivery Controller (EQ-OD)
    • Equalizer OnDemand

  • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
    • Envoy™ Global Server Load Balancing

Snapshot analysis

Walking away from years of development to build a new foundation is a brave move even if the previous platforms have been very successful. CoyotePoint must have realized that the purpose-built embedded operating systems were starting to become major inhibitors to building the products their customers needed.

It appears that their new foundation, EQ/OS 10, will provide a unified platform that will support products that can be shipped as hardware appliances, virtual servers that can execute on customers' equipment or even become cloud services.

I applaud CoyotePoint's courage and think that they've taken the right steps to help them remain a major player for the next 12 years.