Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

All you need is a Smart Cover.

What do you need to break into a locked iPad 2? Believe it or not, all you need is an official Apple Smart Cover.

Here's how to do it:

  • Someone's busy using their iPad 2 (getting a massive score on Angry Birds)
  • They lock the iPad 2 and leave it unattended (OK, idiot move) ... they have it passcoded so they don't worry about people getting into it
  • Bad guy comes along
  • This trick requires a Smart Cover, so if the iPad 2 isn't fitted with one, the bad guy will need one
  • Fit the Smart Cover, the press the sleep/wake button at the top until the 'Power off" message appears then close the Smart Cover then open it and then click on 'Cancel.'
  • They're into the iPad 2 and playing Angry Birds!

Here's Cesare Garlati of BringYourOwnIT demonstrating the hack:

There's a limitation ... you can't hit the Home button, because as soon as you do the device locks, so effectively you only have access to the last application running. But still, if that's the email client or an important document, it's a serious bug.