Creative confirms UK launch of MP3 line-up

Last year it said the Brits weren't ready, this year it's scrambling to get the Nomad on UK shelves

Creative Technology's Nomad MP3 player, which failed to arrive in the UK last year because of a trademark dispute, will hit UK shelves by April.

Creative confirmed to ZDNet Wednesday that it will launch the new player -- part of its growing family of 'Internet audio players' -- even though it suggested as recently as last September that the UK is not ready for portable MP3 devices.

The company was due to launch its Nomad branded personal MP3 player in the UK last year but got caught out in an embarrassing trademark dispute. The Patent Office confirmed to ZDNet in October that the Nomad label was a registered trademark in the audio arena and as such prevented Creative from launching under the same name in Europe.

However Franco De Bonis, Creative's audio European Brand Manager, assured ZDNet that the problem had been resolved. The company will launch its MP3 product line, including the Nomad and Nomad Jukebox, under different branding in the UK. "The naming for the European market is being decided right now," he said.

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