Cree LEDs green up U.S. embassies across Europe

The installations have a dual agenda: save on electricity and promote U.S. green technology innovations.

The U.S. embassy in Madrid is undergoing a lighting retrofit, thanks to a joint program of the Alliance to Save Energy and the League of Green Embassies.

LED technology maker Cree is working with the Alliance to Save Energy and the League of Green Embassies to improve energy efficiency at U.S. embassies during 2012 in Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Madrid and Lisbon. Each of the installations is helping save between 45 percent and 76 percent of the energy needed for interior and exterior lighting at the facilities, according to Cree.

The lighting installations span a number of applications, depending on the location. Those include security lighting, indoor lighting, area lighting, walkway lighting, parking lot lighting and roadway lighting.

The projects serve two purposes: first, they are obviously meant to save the government a bit of money; second, they are meant to showcase U.S. in the green technology space.

The installations will be completed and rolled out during 2012.