Crimestoppers: The Cloud catches a thief

iPad crook got away with his heist until he used the stolen device to snap a photo that automatically connected to owner's Web page. Oops. A picture of embarrassment.

Cloud Eye Roberta Schonborg Flickr.jpg
As John Jeffries discovered, the Cloud is watching.
Scottish burglar John Jeffries thought he had  gotten away clean with an iPad heist last November 2, when he stole two of the devices from his neighbor's house in Perth.

But the law caught up when he snapped a photo with one of the purloined devices.  As the BBC reports, the rightful owner had tied the tablet computer into Apple's iCloud storage service, programmed to automatically post pictures online and to notify the owner  when it does so.

That led police to the iPad's exact location and to Jeffries, the story says.

Jeffries, a troubled 43-year-old grandfather with a criminal and drug record, has vowed to change his ways. He'll start with 8 months in jail.

No word on what he photographed. But for Jeffries, it was almost certainly a picture of embarrassment.

Photo is from Roberta Schonborg via Flickr

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