Crowdsourced Weathermob, "Waze for Weather" secures $1.1M funding

Weathermob aims to disrupt traditional weather forecasting methods with its crowdsourced "Waze for weather" app with social networking features.

We love to comment on the weather. The heat, the cold, the snow and the tornados if we get any in the area. We are our own weather forecasters.

Credit: Weathermob

Now our weather observations can be put to good use. We can all join forces and contribute our weather observations using a new app.

Weathermob is the world's largest crowdsourced weather app for iOS with 100,000 monthly active users in 136 countries who create the Weathermob 'army.' Users collect extremely useful weather data all around the globe to improve the quality of everyone's weather information. 

"How can we tell the weather story and forecast with greater certainty and safety as the weather changes? We believe the answer is doing it together".  ~ Julia LaStage, CEO and Founder, Weathermob

With Weathermob, anyone can be a weather reporter.The Weathermob app is technically a mesonet.

A mesonet is a network of weather stations. Traditionally these are automated stations that upload data to the central meteorological office.

But this mesonet is the network of Weathermob users.

Often weather forecasts get it wrong. Weathermob aims to magnify the chances of getting the weather right.

It provides weather from the ‘ground up’ rather than forecasts which come from the ‘sky down.’ 

Weather and climate data is extremely important for business. There is a need for something which goes beyond traditional forecasts.

Weather and climate data is an enormous and important business that extends far beyond the traditional forecast arena. 

A 2011 report from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) found that finance, manufacturing, agriculture and every other economic sector are sensitive to changes in the weather, and may add up to as much as $485B in the US alone.    

It is not a surprise to see the social component of weather reporting coming to the fore with real-time weather data and mapping in an app.

The app seems deceptively simple; yet it compiles data from thousands of on-the-ground weather reporters which makes it extremely accurate. 

In areas with limited amount of weather stations crowdsourcing data could be really useful. In India, for example, there are only 40 weather stations.  When there are thousands of local users who are reporting on the weather you gather incredibly useful information.

Credit: Weathermob

"Weathermob was created to help solve a big problem facing the entire world; how can we tell the weather story and forecast with greater certainty and safety as the weather changes?

We believe the answer is doing it together.

Weathermob gives ordinary people a place to record and share what they see in the sky and, how it makes them feel; the two have always gone hand and hand.

We use easy touch social media, icons and weather observation tools to create real-time weather data and mapping.

The weather changes all the time and traditional weather agencies cannot always reflect what is actually happening in out there or in your backyard.

The weatherman is not always right. But the people under the sky, can create highly accurate, really useful and often quite inspiring information." said Julia LaStage, CEO and Founder, Weathermob.

Weathermob has secured a new round of seed funding, putting its investment total to over $1.1 million. Investors include Mark Hastings, Lord Waheed Alli, Victoria Hackett and Drew Volpe.

According to Weathermob Lead Meteorologist, Eric Holthaus, "In many places around the world (farmers in Africa, for example), weather drives everyday life. In many of these same places, weather forecasting is still in its infancy.

Weather forecasts need data -- and Weathermob can help create and collect that data and make it useful. The result could benefit millions of lives in some of the poorest places around the world."