Crowdsourcing in action: 5,700 new logos for Times Square site

Crowdsourcing website reports more than 5,700 submissions from around the world for a logo redesign of Times Square destination site. One out of five were from logo design pros.

A crowdsourcing website reports that it has received more than 5,700 submissions from around the world for a logo redesign of a Times Square destination site. The vendor,, says this is the largest design crowdsourcing projects ever held.

The final winning design, to be announced December 12, 2012 (12-12-12, clever) in Times Square, will receive $10,000. Many of the entries will be featured in a book also to be released the same day. The logo will be part of a rebrand of, an online magazine and guide catering to businesses and visitors to the busy midtown intersection district.

The contest received submissions from 1,319 designers which included top design agencies. The contest and its 5,717 entries can be viewed here.

This is more evidence of how the Web and new collaborative approaches are disrupting business as usual -- in this case, for the design industry. Instead of going through formal RFP processes and pitches, the logo designers were part of an open, global event. It's significant that more than 1,000 professional logo designers were part if the process. No doubt the other 4,000-some entrants represent new talent who otherwise may have never been seen.

(Photo: Joe McKendrick.)

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