CSC opens Australian Security Operations Centre

CSC has announced the opening of a new Australian Security Operations Centre, with the Sydney-based centre one of only five such operations globally for the company.

US-based information technology services and solutions company, CSC, has opened a new Australian Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Australia in a bid to provide local expertise to customers in the region.

The new centre is set to become an integral part of CSC's global network of SOCs, staffed by an international team of over 700 security specialists.

According to Seelan Nayagam, vice president and general manager for CSC in Australia, the new centre will allow the company to better deliver its suite of security services to its local customers.

"CSC has secured our customers' most sensitive systems, networks, and data for decades. The launch of a dedicated SOC in Sydney provides our clients in Australia with a robust and secure platform to conduct their business with ease and confidence, while CSC focuses on their security," said Nayagam.

According to CSC, the Sydney centre has been "woven" into the company's global network of SOC's — of which there are now five in total — to enable the detection of global security trends and internationally-coordinated security protection for its clients.

With its tally of five SOCs around the world, CSC said it could add resources from other parts of its global network and monitor a security threat's spread to other parts of the world.

According to CSC Australia security operations manager, Jeremy Dunn, the new Sydney SOC has approximately 60 staff, including analysts, engineers, and security specialists.

"Within this delivery model is a 12-seat facility providing 24x7 monitoring, analysis, and response aspects of this service.

"The recent launch focuses on services that combine the skills of both existing and new personnel, leveraging our historical experience at delivering security services for over 20 years and bringing in new personnel and skills to support our SOC," he said.

For Samuel Visner, CSC's global cyber security vice president and general manager, the company's global security strategy is aimed at keeping pace with the swift evolution of global security threats.

"New IT architectures require evolving cyber security capabilities," said Visner. "In addition, cyber threats to our critical infrastructures require commercial and public sector organisations to innovate constantly. CSC's global cyber security delivery infrastructure is designed to confront new threats and to innovate new technologies and practices as they become available."

Just last week, CSC announced a five-year multimillion dollar extension to its service agreement providing desktop outsourcing to Zurich Insurance Group.