CSG brings real-time security management with CSG Invotas

CSG International has announced the launch of CSG Invotas to combat the ongoing threats of cyberattacks that businesses continue to face.

Cyberattacks can be compromising at any time, and to address this issue, CSG International has announced a software and services business focused on enterprise security solutions, called CSG Invotas.

CSG Invotas provides real-time automation and orchestration solutions to combat the increasing frequency, sophistication, and unpredictability of cyberattacks.

According to CSG president and CEO Peter Kalan, attacks can often unfold extremely quickly, but can take longer — months, even — to be contained or eradicated.

"CSG Invotas enables our clients to respond to attacks in real time, providing increased levels of business assurance, continuity, efficiency, and risk management; decreased technology operations costs; and the ability to protect mission-critical infrastructure continuously and securely," he said.

CSG Invotas president of global security solutions Paul Nguyen said the inspiration for this quick-response approach to security came from the telecommunications industry, which is a high available environment with demanding requirements for uptime.

He also said that with this software solution, different aspects of automation can be implemented to emulate processes that businesses already have, referring to this step for a business as a "journey of maturity".

"If you have three tier escalations that you need to take, we can certainly facilitate that," Nguyen said.

"But if you want full automation, where it's an instantaneous automation, that's the far end of automation where you can have a remediation strategy implemented in seconds. If you want a controlled automation, we can have an approval processes, we can mirror your organisation and the decision making rights that are necessary before some of those actions are taken."