Cuban government unblocks 'controversial' Generation Y blog

A 'controversial' Generation Y blogger in Cuba, who has had her blog censored in the country for three years, has had its access restored. Could this be a liberalisation of Internet policy in the Communist state?

An outspoken critic of the Cuban government, award winning blogger Yoani Sanchez updates her blog, named 'Generation Y' on a regular basis.

However, the 35-year old graduate student writes clouded in controversy as she criticises but offers a first-hand, honest and descriptive insight into the Communist state.

But since 2008, her blog has been blocked in her native country, seemingly only available to those who can access a democratic Internet.

Yet yesterday, out of nowhere, the blog restrictions were lifted and the pages were once visible to those within Cuba.

As Switched notes, her blog and her views have long been a target by the Cuban government, which takes a China-esque approach to Internet restrictions and censorship.

Though while it is still unknown as to the reasons why the blog has become available, it does signal a possible regime or policy change to allow greater freedom of speech in the country.

For decades, Cuba has been in the dark from the rest of the world without Internet and little phone access, and things have still not greatly improved even with the new leadership.

There is no doubt that Raúl Castro is more open and liberal than his older brother, who held onto the presidency for 45 years, by opening up the country to the rest of the world shortly after he assumed power and removing restrictions on computers and other electronic goods.

Nevertheless the diplomatic status of Cuba with its American neighbour is still tenuous and difficult. It is becoming clear that steps are being taken to align the country to modernity from a third-world country to at very least a second.


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