CUR wearable targets chronic pain offering immediate relief

Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Now a new wearable aims to restore quality of life for sufferers.

People who live an active lifestyle but suffer from chronic pain could benefit from a new wearable designed to immediately relieve pain.

Those of us that sit at a desk, or stand on our feet all day, and are constantly readjusting for comfort would welcome anything that gives instant pain relief.

CUR wearable targets chronic pain offering immediate relief ZDNet

Founded in 2013, San Francisco based start-up Cur is launching the first intelligent pain-relief wearable that brings TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to chronic pain.

Designed in partnership with the team behind Nike Fuelband, Sonos and Jibo products, Cur attacks chronic pain. The $299 device lets people take ownership of their health and restore quality of life with the over-the-counter wearable.

CUR wearable targets chronic pain offering immediate relief ZDNet

The device senses muscle vibrations from your body to provide accurate TENS therapy.

TENS works by sending a non painful electrical system to the brain that gets there before the pain signal.

The nerves become confused and the device offers relief from the pain within five seconds.

The stimulation feels like a gentle tingling or light vibrating sensation.

The intensity of the feeling can be adjusted by pressing buttons on the device.

CUR wearable targets chronic pain offering immediate relief ZDNet

Patented bio-sensing technology allows consumers to receive TENS therapy outside of a medical clinic. Biometric sensors automatically measure and match stimulation to the body.

Cur uses an accelerometer and a bio-impedance sensor to adjust settings and give optimised relief to the right muscle at the right time.

It will work almost anywhere on the body and the sensors continuously adapt to learn about your body and the specific pain.

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Treatment for one hour per day can resolve pain for hours, and sometimes days after a session. The gel bands ($29 for two) last for two weeks of daily use.

The device has a three hour lifetime between charges and is charged in its own charging case.

A Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone app allows users to customize pain therapy and learn about their progress.

The crowdfunding campaign has launched and the device can be reserved for $149 with discounts for friends and family referrals.

The Cur wearable will be undergoing clinical evaluations at leading pain institutions including the SOAR Clinic later this year and anticipates FDA clearance around fall of 2015.

CEO and founder Shaun Rahim said: "We wanted to provide consumers living with chronic pain the same immediate relief that you would expect from a $10,000 clinical TENS device, but in a miniaturized and effortless experience that you can use while running errands or playing basketball."