Curiyo launches streamlined newsfeed and asks for your 2c on mobile app

Do you get frustrated when the flood of information makes you lose focus when you search? If you spend your time navigating back and forth across the web, then the Curiyo app might streamline your life.

Curiyo generates a streamlined news feed of relevant posts from various social media channels such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, on one smartphone screen with its new app.

Curiyo launches streamlined newsfeed and asks for your 2c on mobile app

You can follow trending topics such as the Australian elections, or the Ashley Madison story, or search for any topic you like.

Previously available for the browser or as a WordPress plugin, the app is currently available for Android and across all browsers (desktop, tablet and smartphone).

Curiyo was created by Bob Rosenschein, previously founder and CEO of which was acquired in May 2011 for $127 million.

The New York based company's angel investors include OurCrowd, Cedar Fund, Morton H. Meyerson, Kima Ventures, Magic, Gigi Levy, JumpSpeed, Tom Glocer, and Techra Networks.

The app brings together videos, pictures, social media feeds, Reddit threads, and Wikipedia articles. It enables you to create a customised content discovery experience for your favorite items and is available in 15 different languages.

You can search for, and favorite, topics on your feed that interest you, post video, audio, or text commentary, share your 2 cents with your friends and continue the conversation.

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Users can share their comments by text or video using the My2c feature. The founders wanted the app to be able to bring relevant, useful, and fun content about any topic combined from the social media, news, video, and other feeds in one view.

Creator Rosenschein said that he founded Curiyo because "it's still too hard to connect with relevant content. We are passionate about exploring easier ways to overcome the chaos of information and connect with timely relevant content".

"The big problem today is overload and distraction. Curiyo brings focused, relevant content about any person, place or thing directly to you in an all-in-one view."

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