Custom agent dashboards, new mobile app headline Salesforce update

New features in the cloud customer service application include the ability to create individualized consoles, plus additional APIs for integrating data from other apps.

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After introducing a pretty extensive update in late 2013, Salesforce has made some more significant enhancements to the customer service application.

Notable among them is a wizard that lets individual agents or help-desk users create views into customer support data that are individualized according to their specific job function or, potentially, the accounts they are assigned to manage. Agents can also more easily create precanned responses to common issues or problems, which can be sent to multiple customers at the same time to speed resolution.

"Small businesses can get ahead of customers' questions and answer them faster," said Leyla Seka, general manager and senior vice president of Salesforce

That philosophy also applies to the new mobile app that complements the service, which works (for now) on Apple iOS. Agents can add notes or assign cases, among other tasks. An Android edition is due in fall 2014. 

The core update also includes additional analytics and reporting features, including more application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be used to pull in information from other applications. As you might imagine, there's already a seamless integration with 

The new features don't cost anything additional for existing customers. Pricing for the service starts at $30 per monht, per agent.