Customer satisfaction: We're not thrilled with wireless, telephone and TV carriers

Sprint wins and the rest of wireless carriers slip in customer satisfaction. U.S. consumers aren't glowing about their TV or telephone providers either.

Customer satisfaction scores for wireless carriers fell across the board, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

In fact, the only winner of the lot is Sprint, which has improved customer service enough to be the peer of Verizon Wireless. As for the rest of wireless carriers all declined from satisfaction scores a year ago.

Here's the scorecard, overview and statement:

And when it comes to wired service, we're not exactly stoked for our choices either.

Come to think of it we think our subscription TV options also stink.

Luckily there were a few winners. Microsoft delivered a score of 78---an all-time high for the company. It's obvious Windows 7 has boosted the perception of Microsoft. In 2009, Microsoft had a score of 70. Motorola also continues to improve with a score of 77, up from 76 in 2010 and 72 in 2009.