Customer support: Kudos to Apple

To say vendor customer support has gone down hill is an understatement. It is refreshing to come across a company that still appears to put helping the customer high on its list.

Although I've found it increasingly rare to be able to find nice things to say about vendor support, Apple's customer support has been outstanding the last two times I've called. After having had unpleasant experiences with Comcast, Dell and Verizon customer service calls, I found it really refreshing to experience friendly, professional and helpful customer service.

My wife's MacBook Pro developed what appeared to be a hardware problem. The wireless card wouldn't come online. The system status utility said that the Airport card wasn't installed. She couldn't connect to the WiFi network in our home. I did my best to adjust the network card perameters in the system preferences, but wasn't able to get it back on the network.

Although the machine is just out of warranty, I called Apple's customer service line expecting to pay for help. The customer service advisor acknowledged that the machine was out of its warranty period, but said that he'd be willing to help me through a couple of steps at no charge. If those steps failed, he said, he'd have to refer me to the local Apple Store to have the machine fixed. I thought that was very kind.

The customer service agent helped me perform a few magic operations that couldn't be found in the user manual, a management platform reset and then a parameter reset. When the device was rebooted, everything worked and the machine was back on the network.

This was such a different experience from other customer service calls, that I thought it deserved a comment here.

Kudos to Apple.