​Cyanogen OS 12 for OnePlus One and Yu coming in a few weeks

Cyanogen's Lollipop version of its OS for commercial partners should be delivered as an over-the-air update within weeks.

Cyanogen's latest OS, the Lollipop-based OS 12, is on its way to partner devices in the coming weeks, but it will take a little longer to deliver it to the forthcoming Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+.

Cyanogen is in the "final stages" of preparing the OS for devices from its two main commercial partners, OnePlus and Micromax, the company said on Thursday.

The update for the OnePlus One handset, which recently went on sale across Europe, will be released in the "next few weeks" once work on the bootloader firmware is completed and quality assurance results are checked off.

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The version developed for Micromax's YU Yureka devices in India is at a similar stage of development and will also be released in the next few weeks.

However, the recently announced Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+, which will launch in the US and Canada, won't get Cyanogen OS 12 until May or June. According to Cyanogen, that's due to the device's MediaTek processor.

The developers behind the community version of the Android ROM, CyanogenMod, began work on a build for Android One devices earlier this year but noted that MediaTek devices were "notoriously difficult" for developers to port features to. The version they started on was the Android 4.4-based CM 11, with plans to follow up with CM 12.

Meanwhile, the Android 5.0-based CM 12 is still in the nightly stage of its release, a phase which is less stable than the M release. There's no indication yet when it will move to M.

When Cyaongen OS 12 does arrive, it will ship with an email app developed by Boxer, a move signalling the company's intent to make the OS more independent of Google than it currently is.

Meanwhile, Cyanogen has also started working on the Android 5.1 update that Google released last week, which included dual SIM support, HD calling, and a new device protection feature. However, the update will follow the first Lollipop upgrade.

"We are currently evaluating the changes in this newest version and will release this as part of a future OTA update after the initial 'L' update," Cyanogen said.

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