Cyber White Paper 'blueprint' falls behind

The Australian Government has fallen behind on the delivery of a strategic blueprint meant to set out how businesses, government and industry can take advantage of digital resources.

The Australian Government is now behind on the delivery of its Cyber White Paper, which was meant to outline how the government, industry and community can work together online.

Dubbed by the government as a "strategic blueprint", it was meant to contribute towards the government's vision to become a leading digital economy by 2020, and be part of a national framework that includes the Cybersafety Plan and Cyber Security Strategy — initiatives that were released in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

The paper was initially announced in June last year , followed by a discussion paper three months later, in September. The final paper was due to be published in the first half of this year.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet told ZDNet Australia that the paper is expected to come out in the coming months, but did not respond to requests for comment on why it has been delayed.

Since inviting Australians to provide input on the discussion paper, the Australian Government has received 126 public submissions.

One of the issues raised in the discussion paper is whether mandatory data-breach notification laws are required. Submissions from a number of organisations show no clear answer on whether laws should be put in place, but, if a decision is made in the final paper, it will likely become an important point of reference as privacy reforms continue through parliament.