Cybercrime rate in Singapore dips, but victims losing 75 percent more

While the crime rate appears to have dipped from 48 percent to 37 percent of online users, the cost per victim was the highest worldwide at US$1,158--nearly four times the global average, according to the 2013 Norton Study.

While the cybercrime rate in Singapore has dipped, those unlucky enough to be victims have been losing more this year, according to a study by Symantec.

The average cost per victim in the country rose 75 percent to S$1,448 (US$1,158), according to the Singapore details of the 2013 Norton Report released on Tuesday. Singapore victims the biggest losers worldwide, four times above the global average cost per victim of US$298.

The bright spot is that the number of online adults who were hit dropped from experienced from 48 percent in 2012 to 37 percent this year, according to the study. The survey was conducted online with over 13,000 adults across 24 countries between July and August.

According to the report, two in five users in Singapore do not take basic precautions on the mobile devices, such as using passwords, having security software or backing up files on their mobile device.

"Unfortunately while consumers are protecting their computers, there is a general lack of awareness to safeguard their smartphones and tablets. It's as if they have alarm systems for their homes, but they're leaving their cars unlocked with the windows wide open. This carelessness places them, and their digital identities, at risk," said Philip Routley, Symantec's product marketing manager for consumer and small business.

2013 Norton  Singapore
2013 Norton Report (credit: Symantec)