Cybersecurity in 2012: the good, the bad, and the really ugly (video)

Join ZDNet editors and experts to hear more about how your smartphone could be compromised thanks to the ever-growing number of cybersecurity threats on the scene today.

Cyberwar, cybercrime, cyberattack. We're hearing about it all the time. From new bills before Congress to new technologies designed to protect us, just how safe are we? We're under assault from nation states, organized crime gangs, terrorists, hacktivists, for-profit corporations, and even the pimply-faced teenager down the street. When will it all just go away?

The fact is, it's not going away. Not by a long shot. Phishing, spamming, distributed denial of service attacks, worms, malware, intrusion, exfiltration - all of these describe various forms of assault on our computers, servers, phones, and bank accounts. Even our smartphones are being compromised at a disturbing rate.


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