launches Chinese Genealogy Website will unite Chinese families and pass on traditions and valuesto future generations Singapore, February 29, 2000 - Cybersia. will unite Chinese families and pass on traditions and values to future generations

Singapore, February 29, 2000 - launched Xungen hosts a comprehensive Chinese language genealogy center that connects ethnic Chinese users around the world, allowing them to build their family tree, maintain family records and even to search for lost relatives.

Family Roots - the essence of being Chinese Xungen is a Chinese word meaning "searching for roots" and illustrates's mission of being the world's leading Chinese genealogy, family and community service provider.

"Ancestry is the essence of being Chinese. Family elders greatly treasure the family Jia Pu and pass on historical documents to continue the legacy of the traditional Chinese family. However, not all Jia Pu are complete for every family. Through the passage of time, family records have been altered, lost or destroyed. has recognized the desire of Chinese people to uncover their family roots. The Internet, easy-to-use and free-for-all, provides an ideal medium through which to develop our revolutionary system to enable Chinese families to share and securely store genealogy information," said Dr Michael Yang, COO and co-founder of Through genealogy, the world's Chinese speaking people can connect with and strengthen their personal family relationships. uses a unique patent-pending methodology of backward data tracing. uses an initial database constructed from the records of the Shanghai Library, the world's largest known collector of Chinese family records. has concluded an exclusive agreement with the library, providing access to these family records. This agreement has received the endorsement of the relevant authority in China. In co-operation with the Shanghai Library, is digitizing and uploading this significant database into its extensive online data storage facility.

In addition, has developed its own unique database of Chinese family records through collaboration with leading genealogy experts. Users will contribute to the database by uploading their own family records (Jia Pu) in an easy to use format. This creates safe storage for precious family records, often passed down through many generations.

The system provides the connectivity to other online families and family members by linking names, origins and generations. It offers comprehensive features that recapture the essence of Chinese traditions and bring Chinese families together.

"The phenomenal growth of the Chinese Internet market has given us a critical mass of users to whom the world's first online Chinese genealogy service can now be offered. Our advanced technology now gives the world's Chinese speaking people the opportunity to create a permanent record of their family history, one that can be shared with close and distant relatives alike, through the convenient medium of the Internet", said Steve Simpson, President and CEO of

"The proven stickiness of online genealogy applications will go a long way towards contributing to the ultimate success of". With its sister community site,, users of can access a large amount of Chinese-focused content, together with convenient family oriented tools including a name search engine, "Jia Pu" center, family clubs, chatrooms, message boards, photo albums, event listings and even an experts' Q&A facility. is a partner of CoolConnect ( for community development. More information can be found at's corporate website: About Inc. is a global Internet media company committed to being the leading Chinese genealogy, family and community service-provider. It is a specialist in Chinese language Internet space, with two web properties: and Inc was incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA in May 1999. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, (SEA) Pte Ltd commenced operations in Singapore in August 1999.

About Shanghai Library
Shanghai Library is known to possess the largest collection of Jia Pu in the world. Jia Pu is the Chinese family's detailed genealogy record passed down from ancestors. Shanghai Library boasts the genealogy records of 12,000 families totaling 90,000 volumes. The earliest collection dates back to the Song Dynasty in the 14th century. There are records of famous Chinese personalities such as Lu Xun, a well-loved author; and Chiang Kai Shek, a renowned Chinese politician. The Library recently reported the whereabouts of descendants of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, another famous Chinese revolutionary figure. Shanghai Library has set up a research center that restores Jia Pu and studies their origins. Each year, it receives more than 10,000 visitors seeking their roots.