Cycloramic app spins phones 360 degrees to take panoramas

The Cycloramic app, available for iPhone 5, takes tripod-quality shots without a tripod -- and makes for a neat party trick.

Cycloramic is one of the most dazzling apps this year, both for making tripod-quality panoramic shots possible without a tripod and for being a cool party trick.

Available for $1 but functional only with the iPhone 5, the app gets your phone to swivel 360 degrees while it takes a panoramic shot.

It sets off the phone's vibrate function at just the right frequencies to get the phone to spin itself around. Just place it right-side up, hit Go, and then let your jaw drop in amazement.

The Cycloramic was also awarded a Pogie by David Pogue, tech columnist for The New York Times; here are all the other tech ideas that won .

In order to work properly, the phone needs to be placed on a shiny surface such as glass, polished wood or laminated wood. See it in action here:

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via: The New York Times

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