Daily Cuppa: Amazon replaces tapes, Dell recounts Q2

There was a lot of storage love in the news overnight. But don't let that distract you from our Assange video.

Praise be, it's Wednesday. Let's talk about what happened overnight in the tech news space.

Amazon has released Glacier , a data-archive service for enterprises and small businesses that encourages companies to give up tape systems and move to the cloud. Files stored via Glacier have an annual durability of 99.999999999 per cent, the company said, amounting to one loss from 100 billion objects stored each year.

Dell met expectations for its second quarter, but has lowered its guidance for the full year. Its consumer unit has been the underperformer, with enterprise picking up the slack .

Apple and Samsung's trial in the US is coming to a close, with Apple now presenting its closing arguments.

Marvell and SanDisk have forged a partnership to create enterprise cloud storage.

Intel has found a Korean telco that's willing to give its high-temperature datacentre concept (up to 38 degrees Celsius) a go. If everything goes well, it should save a lot of energy .

Sharp is looking to get rid of its factories in China and Mexico, which will lead to thousands of job cuts . Meanwhile, Samsung will invest billions of dollars in a chip-making factory in the US .

And finally, for a good laugh, watch our video on how Julian Assange should escape the UK .

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