Daily Cuppa: Anonymous attacks Ukraine, Indian datacentre on fire

Anonymous unleashed a cyber attack on the Ukraine Government to avenge Demonoid, and a fire broke out at a building housing an Indian government datacentre.

The week is almost over, so hang in there. In the meantime, you can drink down this cup of tech news while it's still hot.

Anonymous has performed a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on the Ukrainian Government as revenge for taking down torrent site Demonoid.

Earlier this week, Demonoid was revealed to have been busted by Ukrainian authorities. Anonymous issued a public warning prior to the attack.

The Indian Government has had to fend off a physical threat, when a fire broke out in a building housing its Unique ID Project (UID) datacentre . The datacentre contained personal biometric records of Indian citizens, though the government said that the data had been backed up.

In government-related news in another country, Google has been given a £6 million tax bill for making £395 million in revenue in the UK last year . That's works out to be a meagre 1.5 per cent of their revenue.

Microsoft has unveiled the Windows Phone Dev Center, which replaces its App Hub . The Dev Centre is a tools repository for developers making apps for Windows Phone 7.5 or below platforms. It will also be used for submitting and managing Windows Phone 8 apps once the platform is released.

New evidence in the Samsung v. Apple case in the US has shown that Samsung scrutinised Apple's iPhone in order to improve its Galaxy smartphone range . A translated report prepared by Samsung in 2010 has been admitted into evidence in the court case. The document directly compares the iPhone and the Galaxy S I, with Samsung engineers detailing areas for improvement.

Speaking of smartphones, IDC has released its smartphone operating systems report for Q2, which showed that Android continues to dominate in this area .

VMware has bought big-data analytics platform Log Insight , which is currently owned by Pattern Insight. This is part of VMware's buying frenzy to flesh out its cloud and virtualisation offerings.

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