Daily Cuppa: Everything after the iPhone 5

As the world moves on from the latest iPhone announcement, there was news about Intel, Klout, YouTube and Windows Server 2012.

Are you over iPhone 5 news already? Well, here's the best non-iPhone 5 news you might have missed overnight.

YouTube has made the decision to block access to a rather poorly-made anti-Islamic film in Egypt and Libya . Google doesn't normally like to block these sorts of videos, and while it is still online, the internet giant had made the decision to not allow it to be viewed in those countries, following violent anti-American protests.

Interested to find out more about Windows Server 2012? We've got you sorted with a review and a photo gallery .

Speaking of galleries, here is a gallery and a roundup of everything that happened at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco , California.

I'm not a huge Klout fan, I think it's a bit of voodoo trickery (which you can hear me talking about here). But it was reported overnight that Klout is working on a new API feature called "KloutPass" that will let developers make a whole bunch of apps for the website.

Happy Friday!