Daily Cuppa: flaw in power plant tech, HP revenues disappoint

HP has a lot of work to do to turn its results around, while hackers don't have to do much to turn power plants around.

We're thinking about Thor this Thursday, as a thunderstorm approaches Sydney. But you're thinking about news. Here's what happened overnight.

HP's third-quarter results weren't rosy, with revenue losses hurting units. The company posted a loss due to charges from restructuring. CEO Meg Whitman pointed out that the company is still in a multi-year turnaround phase.

The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning about a flaw in Siemens-owned technology that could enable exploit code to attack power plants.

Two Chinese photography tripod firms are slugging it out in the patent stakes , with one claiming that the other company knocked off its design.

SAP's co-CEO has hinted that it's still on the acquisition path .

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) is on the warpath, probing a swag of companies on patent infringement .

Tata Consultancy Services had said that big non-Indian IT services firms such as Accenture or IBM also have large staff contingents in India, amounting to as many as 50 per cent of the workforce, so the nationality of the company doesn't really come into account .

Opera has extended a deal with Google to make Google's search engine the default for another two years.

Meanwhile, in the "what the" files, Samsung will sell clothes in China .

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