Daily Cuppa: The Friday iPhone 5 finale

It's here! The end of the week, and possibly the end of the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, because it's finally in consumer hands.

It's been a whole week of Apple, as iOS 6 found its way onto devices and the iPhone 5 went on sale in Australia today .

You don't have to have an iPhone 5 to enjoy or have a gripe with iOS 6. Many users have expressed their concerns over the new Maps application , and how some parts of it might be considered as being a step backwards. It's getting pretty heated out there, but with Google stating that it'll release its own app for iOS, there'll probably be enough choice for everyone soon enough.

And yesterday morning, a hiccup with Apple's website resulted in a global incident where users couldn't connect to Wi-Fi networks. So how does one website affect Wi-Fi? Apparently, the new operation system calls home first, and if it can't connect, it won't let users connect to the network at all. This means that if admins block Apple's website on purpose, as we've tried , they can effectively block Apple devices from the network. We can see admins in BYOD-unfriendly workplaces rubbing their hands together with glee.

But if you do have an iPhone 5 and are loving its smaller size and heft to use it with one hand, we've cheekily put together a list of things that you can do with your other hand . It doesn't include abusing Android users, but giving them a pat on the back might be appropriate when it comes to upgrading operating systems . We compared the process to update to iOS 6 and Jelly Bean, and Android got a mixed result.

Speaking of updates and technology, the Raspberry Pi has received a firmware boost to overclock the micro-computer without voiding its warranty . It now also supports certain Wi-Fi dongles out of the box; an important feature, considering that there is no Wi-Fi hardware built in.

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