Daily Cuppa: VMworld kicks off

We're still getting over the Apple-Samsung verdict, but the show must go on, with VMware getting into the full swing of VMworld.

You made it through Monday, and now Tuesday is at hand, so here's the news that happened last night to get you started.

The industry is still reeling over Apple's win against Samsung in the US court, in a case that saw Samsung ordered to pay Apple US$1.05 billion in damages. Samsung's stock fell , and experts questioned how long the jury took to reach the conclusion.

We also took some time out to ponder whether a ban on the Galaxy S II in the US would lead to more Galaxy S III sales.

Despite losing the US court battle, Samsung is still investing heavily in technology, laying down US$975 million in next-generation chip technology .

VMworld also began in the US on Monday. News coming out of the event so far has included: