Daily Edventures with Microsoft's Anthony Salcito [Video]

I recently had the chance to talk with Microsoft's Vice President for Worldwide Education as part of his Daily Edventures project. Here's the result.

Anthony Salcito, Microsoft's VP of Worldwide Education, recently launched a blog called Daily Edventures in which he highlights a new education leader every day. I'm honored to have been picked for his feature today. Check out the blog, though, and hear from others as diverse as musician Gavin DeGraw, Terry Thoren (perhaps best known as one of the creators of the Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys, but now running a very cool educational animation startup), and Pauline Roberts (a 5th- and 6th-grade teacher who is doing outstanding things with her students in the areas of inventive thinking and effective communication).

Anthony and I particularly talked about the use of technology as a catalyst for real educational change, risk-taking, and scaling innovative approaches. We also talked, among other things, about the relatively new business of "edupreneurship":

According to Dawson, the businesses that are actually successful in the world of edu-preneurship usually involve a teacher. “For many, many years, there has been this imposition of technology on teachers because a company thinks they know how to shoehorn a piece of technology into the classroom,” says Dawson. “Teachers absolutely must be a pivotal part of this. Edu-preneurship is really about being an entrepreneur, doing it within the educational space, and drawing teachers into it.”

You can watch our whole talk in the video below or read the whole post on Daily Edventures.