Daintree to commercial lighting: Control yourself

The company's update to its wireless intelligent lighting controls platform includes extended management features, interface updates.

Intelligent lighting controls company Daintree Networks has updated its wireless lighting control platform, ControlScope, with particular attention to the management features and user interface. Among some of the new features are:

  • A centralized interface that makes it easier to manage multiple facilities within one dashboard
  • Support for the BACnet data communications protocol for automation and control networks
  • The ability to integrate with demand response programs, so that companies can respond to peak hour pricing or market pricing fluctuations
  • Additional energy and utilization reporting capabilities

The market for intelligent lighting controls is expected to double in size to approximately $2.6 billion in 2016. These are technologies that can be deployed in commercial buildings in order to extend facilities managers control over when lights are on, and when they are off. In many cases, they also offer automation features, without requiring a massive retrofit.

Daintree's big marketing push is that its technology is wireless, which makes it easier to connect what's already in commercial offices, warehouses, campus branches and multi-facility branch locations. Daintree's technology supports ZigBee open standards for connectivity. A Daintree-sponsored survey released in April suggested that the wireless approach to intelligent lighting controls can cost 25 percent over the lifetime of an installation.

Daintree's other pitch is that it helps cut between 40 percent and 70 percent of electricity related to lighting costs. The company has been in the wireless mesh networking business since 2003.