Data jurisdiction is where server is located, says UK court

U.K. High Court ruling has clarified the jurisdiction in which a company can be pursued for "making available" Internet-hosted material.

U.K. High Court has ruled that a company can only be held responsible for "making available" Internet-hosted material in the country where its host server is based, rather than in all countries where the data is seen or used.

Last week, the court ruled that the law with regards to Internet-hosted material should follow the laws applied to satellite television. "I have come to the conclusion that the better view is that the act of making available to the public by online transmission is committed and committed only where the transmission takes place," Justice Floyd, who presided over the court, said, according to court documents.

"It is true that the placing of data on a server in one state can make the data available to the public of another state, but that does not mean that the party who has made the data available has committed the act of making available by transmission in the state of reception," he said.

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