Data Security Council of India launches privacy training program

To address privacy breach concerns, the Data Security Council of India has announced a training program to educate assessors about how to protect personal information from disclosure, modification, or misuse.

The Data Security Council of India has developed materials to educate security assessors about the best practices to defend against privacy breaches.

In a statement released yesterday, the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) said the "DSCI lead Assessor for Privacy" certification program explains how to use its frameworks designed to protect personal information from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification or misuse.
The inaugural class of 21 students gathered between June 5 and June 7, while the next class will be held between June 26 and 28.
The frameworks provide the knowledge and tools to assess privacy implementation, in the context of global principles.
"This program aims at helping assessors understand the practical aspects of privacy implementation, and provide a robust guidance to conduct third party assessments and self- assessments," the company said in a statement.
Specifically, the DSCI Privacy Framework (DFP), released in December, 2010, focuses on nine practice areas, and includes a questionnaire, which can be a self-assessment or examined by an external party. There's also the DSCI Assessment Framework for Privacy (DAF-P), released last December, which organisations can use to optimize their processes in line with global standards of managing personal information.